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Janet L. Strong, Steven M. Strong*
*Board Certified Civil Trial Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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The law touches every part of our business and personal lives.  Seeking legal advice from the Internet, friends, relatives or neighbors, can be dangerous.  Make us your first call.  Our experience, wisdom and insight in life and the law, sets us apart.  We don’t speak in “lawyer talk” and we will protect and guide you, both in and out of the courtroom.

We handle matters large and small from representing multi-million dollar corporations in complex litigation, to rescuing a child from an unsafe home environment, to guiding a loved one through the probate process when a relative dies without a will.  Put our experience to work for you in every facet of your business, personal and family life.

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Janet L. Strong

“Passion for the law is what led me to earn a law degree while raising four children. This is the same dedication I give our clients. You need an attorney that’s compassionate. We’ve seen heartbreak and joy. We want to be a go-to legal resource with the skills, strength, and experience to help you overcome life’s challenges. When you need immediate legal assistance, we are here for you.”

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Steven M. Strong

“There is satisfaction in being able to connect with and serve our clients. Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. We understand that and will help you cut through the legal jargon and doublespeak. I have been responsible for the management of literally thousands of cases through the courts. We know how the system works, we know how the law works, and we know how life works. Call us, let's talk about how we can help you.”

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It is critical you get us involved early.  It is easy to assume that you really don’t need a lawyer or maybe not one just yet.  We see situation after situation that could have been significantly improved or avoided altogether, had we been involved earlier. 

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